Uploading photos and files


By Daniel Mastropietro

updated over 2 years ago

The File Manager is the place where you can upload and manage all your photos and files.

To access the File Manager you can do in the following ways:

1. Via Image Widget by clicking on the camera camera container:

2. By clicking on the Website Settings -> File Manager and then selecting either All Files or All Images. So what is the difference?

  • All Images - if you want to upload images only, choose that option. It will resize your images (if they are really big) and compress them. It is the same way as uploading them via Image Widget.
  • All Files - that is suitable when you want to upload any type of file or an image to which you want to keep the original size and quality.

NOTE: Uploading an image in 'All Files' option will not create a thumbnail if you want to select it later on in an image widget.

In the File Manager click on the Upload A File below to upload your images. 

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